March 19th, 2009 Luncheon: Guest Speaker Wanda Simmons

This week’s guest speaker: Wanda Simmons, Director fo the Exchange Club Family Center

Wanda Simmons and host Steve King:


Wanda reported that children are no longer being taken from their families, but can remain with their family while problems are being dealt with. The Department of Children and Families is helping families to deal with their problems, while the children remain in their homes.  The DCF is referring families to the Exchange Family Center, as well as schools and churches.  A Parents Aide Program Certificate is given to the family at the end of the program, is the family does not complete the program, it is given back DCF.  Then the DCF refers these families back to the courts to deal with a Judge.

The center now has three workers, which are on a contract basis only.  They are paid hourly and must file a signed report from the family to receive payment.   Currently the Center is serving 20 families.   Wanda has a case load of 10 families; each new worker will have 5 families.  The new workers have not officially taken on their duties; they are still in training.  They hope to increase their number of cases to 35 by the end of the year.


Visit the website for more information:


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